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We'll help target and write content for the search queries that bring in sales.
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As UAE’s #1 carsharing platform, ekar wanted to expand its awareness and increase conversions in new markets across MENA to capture more market share from competitors.
Increase in organic traffic
Months to achieve
Blue mini cooper car driving west with ekar logo on it to depict Mamba customer ekar.


Hellas noticed a huge opportunity for niche specific keywords in the socks space. Our goal was to rank #1 for these keywords and tap into a whole new audience.
Increase in conversions in 10 months
Return on SEO investment
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As a leading AML and KYC risk analysis automation SaaS, generating top-of-funnel leads is paramount, especially in such a competitive and niche space.
Increase in conversions in 9 months
Return on SEO investment
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Regent Learning

As a leader in e-learning in the UK, Regent Learning was expanding into an entirely new market - India and needed to generate new leads sustainably.
Increase in conversions in 9 months
Return on SEO investment
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Alligator Glass

Most shopping platforms ban paraphenalia advertising and marketing, leaving SEO as your only option. We scaled content to begin creating consistent revenue.
Increase in conversions in 9 months
Return on SEO investment
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We handle everything to do with SEO content creation for you.

Creating SEO content means writing content that appeals to both your users and Google’s algorithm. We help you create a big-picture content strategy and all the individual content pieces you need to make it work.
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Content strategy research
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Content roadmap
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Blog copywriting
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Custom infographic design
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Hands-off uploading
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Optimized for social media repurposing
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And more...
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SEO content creators that know what search engines are looking for.

Gone are the days of run-of-the mill, generic blogs and repetitive content. Here at Mamba, we have a distinguished team of some of the best SEO content writers in the world. Our team of wordsmiths know how to weave SEO magic into every sentence, ensuring your website not only ranks higher on search engines, but also converts readers who land on those pages.

How do we know what keywords to use and what articles to write about? Our SEO content creation services also include doing the keyword research and on-page SEO optimizations that together give you a complete content strategy. Altogether, we find this yields the best results.
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Looking for SEO content writers? Leverage our
ready-to-go team.

Let's face it, we're living in a world with the attention span of a goldfish. If your content doesn't grab your audience by the collar and shout, "Hey, pay attention!" they'll just swim away to your competitor's pond.

We’ve been around the block a few times working with some of the fastest growing startups in the world developing their content marketing and SEO strategy. We make sure the content we create aligns with your brand, converts users who read it, and is optimized to rank highly for your target keywords.

When you partner with us, we don't just become your SEO content creators—we become passionate advocates of your brand. We dive deep into your industry, your competitors, and your target audience, ensuring that every word we write represents your brand values and speaks directly to your customers. Give us a chance to showcase what our content writing services look like.
Clients that we’ve worked with doing SEO based work.
Increase in organic impressions across all clients.
Average return on SEO spend for all clients.
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Truth be told, our goal is to be the last SEO agency you ever need.

We were exactly where you are now. Frustrated by working with digital marketing agencies that failed to deliver results, failed to have clear transparency, failed to be able to tell me exactly what they were working on and why.

Funny enough, that’s why we created Mamba - to be the SEO agency we always wish we could hire.
Our attention to detail, our commitment to organization and our focus on results has been game changing for our clients. All we’re asking is for the opportunity to show you - we think you’ll be impressed.


What is the first step to create SEO content?

The first step to creating SEO optimized content is conducting the right keyword research and competitor analysis. This involves identifying relevant keywords and phrases that your target audience uses to search for information related to your topic or business.

Do SEO agencies write content?

Yes, a lot of SEO marketing agencies offer SEO content writing services. When you’re looking for an SEO Agency to help with your SEO content creation, make sure to choose one that understands your brand’s ethos and has experience in writing SEO optimized content.

What is the main purpose of using keywords?

Keywords serve as the foundation of effective online communication. They enable search engines to understand and categorize content, making it discoverable to users seeking relevant information. A sound SEO keyword strategy incorporates well-chosen keywords into your content to enhance visibility, boost organic traffic, and ensure your message reaches the right audience when they search.

How much do SEO content writers charge?

The prices for SEO writing services can vary depending on a lot of factors including length of article, whether the article includes images, and amount of research required (depending on the difficulty of topic). If you’d like an idea of what kind of pricing to expect, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll help you out!

How to use SEO in content creation?

SEO optimizing your content creation involves conducting keyword research and incorporating relevant keywords naturally into your content. This should also include other on-page optimizations like optimizing the meta tags and meta description, and interlinking between pages.

How do you plan an SEO content strategy?

There a few steps to follow when creating a strategy for content marketing and SEO: define your audience, research keywords for that audience, analyze competitors, set goals, create a calendar, optimize technical SEO, track performance.

Is SEO part of content strategy?

Yes, SEO is an integral part of your content strategy. Content strategy involves planning, creating, and managing content to achieve specific goals. Incorporating SEO principles into your content strategy ensures that your content is optimized for search engines, thus leading to better online visibility and conversions.

What content is good for SEO?

Simple, content that is relevant to your target audience. SEO optimized content that includes a healthy amount of keyword research and creativity will help your website not just increase its visibility, but will provide your readers with genuine value that will in turn lead them to trust you and be more likely to convert.

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