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Stop targeting the wrong keywords that won’t deliver results.
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We help you identify low difficulty, highly relevant niche keywords to target.
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Sleep easy knowing only best SEO practices are being put to use to help you rank.

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As UAE’s #1 carsharing platform, ekar wanted to expand its awareness and increase conversions in new markets across MENA to capture more market share from competitors.
Increase in organic traffic
Months to achieve
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Hellas noticed a huge opportunity for niche specific keywords in the socks space. Our goal was to rank #1 for these keywords and tap into a whole new audience.
Increase in conversions in 10 months
Return on SEO investment
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As a leading AML and KYC risk analysis automation SaaS, generating top-of-funnel leads is paramount, especially in such a competitive and niche space.
Increase in conversions in 9 months
Return on SEO investment
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Regent Learning

As a leader in e-learning in the UK, Regent Learning was expanding into an entirely new market - India and needed to generate new leads sustainably.
Increase in conversions in 9 months
Return on SEO investment
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Alligator Glass

Most shopping platforms ban paraphenalia advertising and marketing, leaving SEO as your only option. We scaled content to begin creating consistent revenue.
Increase in conversions in 9 months
Return on SEO investment
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We handle everything to do with keyword research for you.

SEO starts with making sure you’re targeting the right keywords. Targeting keywords with the wrong difficulty, relevancy, and search-intent can make or break your SEO strategy. We build strategies to address these nuances.
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Keyword audit
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Competitor keyword research
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Keyword opportunities research
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Keyword gap
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Content mapping  (cluster + pillar page)
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Blog content writing
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And more...
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Create the best SEO keyword strategy for your niche.

The right SEO keyword strategy for your website is going to be based on picking keywords according to their difficulty, relevancy, and search-intent. If your website is new, you probably can’t target difficult to rank for keywords, and if your website is built to sell and not educate about a given topic, you probably need to focus on commercial keywords versus informational keywords. All these nuances are addressed by our keyword research agency when we create a bespoke keyword plan that best fits your business.

But keep in mind, keyword research is only a part of the battle. The overall SEO war is won when you properly implement these keywords on your website through on-page SEO and building relevant backlinks that feature these keywords. As such, even the best keyword strategy can’t magically deliver more traffic to you, but it is an essential building block that is part of the big picture.
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Need help building a plan? Leverage our advanced keyword research team.

Thanks to over 50+ combined years of keyword research experience on our team, our SEO keyword research services mean we can prepare for you a top of the line plan quickly and efficiently. We’ve already made every mistake in the book so that you don’t have to - and now you get to leverage all that knowledge without wasting any of the time and effort.

With our advanced keyword research services, we’ll help you not just identify the right queries to target, but we’ll also fit them into an on-page SEO optimization strategy that actually outlines how we’ll be using existing pages on your website and creating new pages on your website to place all those terms in. If you’re curious to get more insight into this process and how we approach the problem, reach out to us for our SEO keyword research services today, we think you’ll be impressed.
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Average return on SEO spend for all clients.
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Truth be told, our goal is to be the last SEO agency you ever need.

We were exactly where you are now. Frustrated by working with digital marketing agencies that failed to deliver results, failed to have clear transparency, failed to be able to tell me exactly what they were working on and why.

Funny enough, that’s why we created Mamba - to be the SEO agency we always wish we could hire.
Our attention to detail, our commitment to organization and our focus on results has been game changing for our clients. All we’re asking is for the opportunity to show you - we think you’ll be impressed.


How do you research keywords in SEO?

If you’re looking to research keywords in SEO, you need to consider a few different items including your niche, industry trends, and competitor strategies. This will give you a framework for the types of keywords you want to go after. From there you’ll want to start identifying specific keywords based on difficulty to rank for and search-intent. At Mamba, our keyword research services handle all of this and more to give you the best plan possible for driving more traffic to your site.

What is the best SEO keyword strategy?

The best SEO keyword strategy involves comprehensive research to identify high-relevance keywords aligned with your niche and audience. Once you have the advanced keyword research ready, it’s important to craft content around these keywords, maintaining a natural flow. Incorporate both short-tail and long-tail keywords, optimize on-page elements, and prioritize user intent. Regularly analyze and adapt your strategy for optimal results.

What is the main purpose of using keywords?

Keywords serve as the foundation of effective online communication. They enable search engines to understand and categorize content, making it discoverable to users seeking relevant information. A sound SEO keyword strategy incorporates well-chosen keywords into your content to enhance visibility, boost organic traffic, and ensure your message reaches the right audience when they search.

What are keyword research services?

Keyword research services involve specialized expertise in identifying and selecting the most relevant and high-impact keywords for your business or content. Organic Growth professionals provide SEO keyword research services by using advanced tools and techniques to analyze search trends, competition, and user intent. This ensures that your online search presence is optimized for maximum visibility and engagement.

What is the average cost of keyword research?

Costs for SEO keyword research services vary based on factors such as project scope, industry, and desired depth of analysis. This cost can range from $300 to $3,000. Investing in professional keyword research is crucial for optimizing content and achieving higher organic visibility, driving long-term value. Fill in the form below to get a detailed quote for leveraging our keyword research services.

Is keyword research still relevant?

Yes, keyword research remains highly relevant. While search engines have evolved, search queries are still fundamental for understanding user intent and improving content discoverability. Leveraging the right SEO keyword research services can enhance your online presence, drive targeted traffic, and ensure your content aligns with what users are actively searching for.

How many is too many keywords?

Using too many keywords, known as keyword stuffing, can harm your content's quality and SEO performance. Search engines prioritize user experience, penalizing excessive keyword usage. A good keyword research agency will focus on the natural incorporation of relevant keywords that align with the content's context and user intent to maintain readability and SEO effectiveness.

What is advanced keyword research?

Advanced keyword research goes beyond basic keyword identification. It involves in-depth analysis of search trends, user behavior, and competition. This strategic approach uncovers hidden opportunities, long-tail keywords, and user intent, enabling the creation of targeted content that resonates with your audience and boosts your online visibility more effectively.

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