Influencer Marketing

Tap into over 10,000+ influencers and grow your reach 5x.

We've spent years building relationships with influencers that convert, so you don't have to.

Instantly connect with influencers and launch campaigns that convert.

Whether your brand is looking for nano, micro, or macro influencers, we have a tried and true network of influencers to help increase your sales. Sounds interesting? We can be ready to launch by tomorrow.

Our average result is a 60% decrease in customer acquisition cost.

We’ve found that when you focus on creating content with influencers that feels genuine, organic, and addresses all your customers’ pain points, that’s when you can start seeing real success.

Things we’ve learned over the last few years.

Focusing on the quality over quantity of influencers is critical.

With so many influencers and accounts in existence, its tough to sift through the BS. Lousy engagement and inactivity are signs an influencer’s audience may not be particularly high quality or legitimate - We’ll cut through the noise and help find you the right talent for your brand.

Building relationships is just as important as launching a campaign.

At the end of the day, we want to work with the top influencers time and time again, so building a strong relationship from the get go is critical. To do this, we want to approach every engagement as a relationship building exercise. After all, influencers are people too.

Influencer campaigns are incredibly powerful

The power of influencer marketing is its reach. When you negotiate sufficiently, you can reach a significantly large number of people at-cost. This, coupled with the personalized and humanized element means you can get lots of conversions and brand credibility for low cost.

Build unique campaigns for every influencer.

Every influencer will have a unique spin on the content they push out. Thus, we want to mold our campaign to fit their content style and audience type, not the other way around. This means working with each influencer to find creative ways to fit our messaging into their content.

Whatever platform your brand is looking to grow on, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve got all the bases covered to ensure your brand gets the exposure it needs on the platforms where your users spend most of their time.

Campaigns based on what you need.

Influencer marketing campaign

If you have an exciting new announcement, big development, or simply want to blast your message to the masses, we can get you more reach.

Good for:

Brands looking to make a one-time announcement

Brands that are looking to test influencers as a channel

Monthly influencer retainer

If you have content but are struggling to get views and impressions, we can get you consistent reach every month.

Good for:

Brands that are looking to build a consistent sales funnel

Brands that have dabbled with influencer marketing in the past with limited success

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Check out how we helped ekar achieve a 5x improvement on their ROAS.

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We manage the end-to-end execution of your influencer campaigns.


Brand Discovery

We start every project by learning what your brand is looking to achieve. We learn about your expectations and key conversion metrics.

Define Campaigns & Strategy

Based on your budget, objectives, and the term of our engagement - we define a concrete plan for the campaigns we will launch.

Influencer Mapping

Based on our campaign goals, we map your brand with Influencers that meet your brand ethos and have a proven track record of launching successful campaigns.

Negotiations & Agreements

We hash out all the nitty gritty details like terms of service, contract duration, payment methods and more with the Influencers - so that all you have to do is sit back and watch their campaigns flourish.

Campaign Prep & Launch

We work with the chosen Influencers to build content that will achieve our desired conversion. We also ensure that the Influencer’s content piece is published at a time that works best for your brand.

Review & Iterate

We monitor performance. We look for crucial metrics like follows, @mentions, CTR, engagement, saves and more. Based on this data, we iterate the types of Influencers we work with to yield the best results from future campaigns.
We move fast.

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