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Create more than just a lousy Discord for your blockchain project, ser.

As OG HODLers since 2017 (it’s been a heck of a ride so far) we know better than most marketing in Web3 isn’t the same as Web2. Crypto Twitter is everything, memes can make a project, and community first, always.

Hype = short-term
Brand = long-term
We do both.

If you want to market your Web3 project successfully, you gotta have a strong campaign to bring users in, followed up with a strong brand and community to keep users around. We’re building to ensure your project survives the bear market.
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Things we’ve learned over the last few years.

Content that delivers value converts better than anything else.

Don’t expect to convert users to your project if you aren’t delivering genuine value with your content. We help identify what content is best suited for your users, help you craft a content strategy around it, and then create that content.

Degens and Web3 developers respond to different content.

Good thing we have a firm grasp on the mindset of Web3 developers and degens alike. We’ll help curate a high quality brand and launch strategy that actually engages the kinds of users you’re looking to target.

A Web3 project is only as strong as its community.

At the end of the day, the best marketing is that which is organic: it grows without you having to do anything. If you want to achieve this, it starts with building and nurturing a community that stands behind your project.

Crypto moves quick.
Like, real quick.

We help you stay on top of the most current trends to find ways to tap into new opportunities. One month it might be an ICO, the next it could be a free-mint NFT. Whatever the trend, we find ways to leverage this to your advantage.

Web3 projects we work with.


Whether your game is based in the metaverse or straight up play-to-earn (P2E), we’ll help you tap into the GameFi community and scale your project.


If you’re looking to have new users lock their liquidity with your protocol or simply begin using it, we can help communicate the value of your protocol and scale new members.


Whether you already have artwork for your collection or not, we’ll help you deploy battle-tested strategies for gaining exposure and building prominence around your collection.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re launching a new Web3 project and want to make a big splash.
You have a marketing team in-house and just need a reliable partner to help scale content.
You already have a Discord but want to get more engagement and grow your community.
If any of these scenarios feel familiar, good. That means we can help you.

Sit back and let us do the heavy lifting as
your partner.

Whether you’re looking to turn your Web3 concept into a successful project or simply looking to scale, we act as a reliable partner to help you take a data-driven, user-first approach to reach the growth you’re looking for.

Building a Brand

Creating a brand that Web3 degens, developers, and HODlers want to ape into starts with knowing who you want to target, ways you can differentiate yourself, and of course, a kick-ass concept.

Launch Campaigns

Give your project the best chance at succeeding by building out a launch campaign that actually ticks all the boxes. We’ll help you connect the dots and map out how everything will piece together.

Community Growth

Growing your community starts with building out a sensible content strategy, consistently monitoring trends, and actively engaging your audience to create ongoing interest.

Scaling Content

If you plan on building a meaningful brand in Web3 you’ll need to deliver value to your users. While you may have these resources in-house, our team can support yours by simply executing.

Media partners we’ve helped our clients get featured on:

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We’ve been creating content strategies for some of the best teams out there.

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Blockchain Boys Club

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We move fast.

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