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Brand development

Supply Unchained

is a legal tech and consultancy firm, based in the United Kingdom

What were there objectives?


Define Brand Guidelines


Design & Develop their website


Develop their Logo

As with all projects at mamba, our first step was to understand our User Personas.

Before we did anything, we had to understand the audience we were building for. After a few conversations with the founders, we figured out that our core audiences were Chief Legal Offeicers at Large Multi-National Corporations. That means everything we do moving forward must be simple, professional and easy on the eye.

It all started with revamping the logo.

old supply unchained logo
supply unchained logo

There were a few problems with the existing logo

It was difficult to read
It didn’t fit properly on any social media platform
It was far too complex
Our solution was simple but not easy. We looked at every possible font available to see if it would meet our classy and professional look and feel, and after a few days of searching, we found our winner.

Next, the oh-so important, Brand Guidelines.

At mamba, we will always begin with wireframing. Our process is to finalize and freeze our content first, and then move into design. It doesn’t look pretty, but it streamlines the process.

Then, comes the website design.

Check out the live and developed site at:
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