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is a SaaS that provides photographers with online photo storage and portfolio websites.

What were there objectives?


Define Brand Guidelines


Create high value content

What started out as simple content marketing blossomed into an entirely new revenue arm.

By creating straightforward SEO blog articles and evaluating their success, we were able to pinpoint a lingering market opportunity for LightRocket to capitalize on.

It started with research into great content

Through competitor anaylsis and keyword research, we identified a host of photography related topics and keywords we could realistically begin ranking on the first page of Google for. Sure enough, we are now ranked in the #5 spot for ‘Top Photography Grants’.
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This is where things got interesting.

While the organic traffic was great, this one piece of content was significantly outperforming all others on LightRocket’s social media channels. We investigated further by conducting customer persona research. We discovered our end-users found significant value in free-to-access databases of upcoming photogrant grants, competitions, and workshops...

So guess what we did next? That’s right. A free-to-access database of every known photography grant, competition, workshop.

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We’re now seeing:

  • A growth in organic traffic
  • High value content for LightRocket’s end-users
  • Increase in exposure via partnerships with identified listings
You can visit their website at:
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