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Grubtech is an end-to-end operating system for omnichannel restaurants and cloud kitchens.

Impact in numbers

Increase in revenue
Average Email Open Rate

The Problem

Grubtech was creating a lot of content and their website traffic was consistently growing. Despite that, they barely generated any leads. This is a classic case of “Leaky Funnel” syndrome. Luckily, we’ve seen and treated this diagnosis several times in the past.

Here’s exactly how we approached solving this.

We analyzed the deficiencies of their current strategy
We put course corrections in place to optimize their funnel.
We conceptualized and executed on a new strategy, leading to a dramatic increase in sales.

We started this process by conducting a workshop with the team, to thoroughly understand their brand, marketing objectives and existing strategy.

There were three primary findings:

1. Grubtech did not have a prioritized set of messages. Their CTA’s were all over the place, which left audiences & prospects confused.

2. They didn’t have a firm grasp on their funnel. There was no attribution system in place. They didn’t know where & why prospects were dropping off.

3. They were creating content for content's sake. There was no clear strategy or purpose behind the content being produced.

Once we understood their challenges, we began planning how we would course correct.

We first mapped out their  primary, secondary, and tertiary messages for their target personas. Through this, everyone in the organization now had a clear understanding of what Grubtech’s key selling points were.
We changed their entire funnel and content approach - Our new strategy revolved around outbound email nurture sequences, and we used content such as blogs, ebooks and webinars to supplement their email campaigns.
Finally, we created an exact attribution model for them to thoroughly understand what messaging, content types, and audiences converted best.
*An overly simplified example for explanatory purposes :)
Email #1
Begin with ungated content
if clicked
Email #2
Sharing a case study
if clicked
Email #3
Hand over to sales

This comprehensive understanding of what worked and what didn’t, allowed us to build a conversion machine.

We were able to easily attribute what worked, and identify where/why leads fell out of our funnel  🚀
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