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Blockchain Boys Club

We were approached by a client to create a concept from scratch and build a strategy for going to market. Ie. Handle everything, from A to Z.

What were there objectives?


Create a concept from


Develop the branding,
website, artwork


Craft and implement
marketing strategy

We started with thorough competitor analysis to identify where there was a gap in the market.

In combination with user persona research, we did a thorough analysis of the market and devised a concept for the brand as well as the artwork - we landed on the idea of ‘Blockchain Boys Club’.

We then needed to make this concept come to life. Starting with brand elements.

bbc work samplebbc work samplebbc work samplebbc work samplebbc work sample

Working our way through graphical elements, including animations, artwork, merchandise.

100% customized animations and graphics for website
A steady stream of content for socials
Robust and high quality designs for merchandise
We worked tirelessly to curate an entire catalog of consistent designs to be used for every medium. Website, socials, merchandise - we curated an entirely unique and comprehensive brand experience.
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Designing and building the project is great, but its for nothing without a launch strategy.

Our go-to-market strategy included PR, influencers, promotional collaborations, and aggressive growth-hacking. Nothing is outside of our comfort zone. In our first month, we were successfully featured in...
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